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M9 Under Sink

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M9 Under Sink

Model : M9 Quick change RO Undersink (NSF 58 Certified)

│ Features │

- Pull & Turn
Quick Change Filter Replacement

- Simple
Filters can be replaced easily by Consumers. Optimized for DIY Market

- Convenient
Minimize to occur the remaining during Filter Replacement

- Clean
Reverse osmosis membrane filter of Pore 0.0001um
(World’s Best Ability to Clean Water)

│ Physical Specification │

-System maximum operating pressure of 100 psi and operating temperature of 100℉(37.8℃)
-The disposable filter cartridge replacement : every 6 months or 12 months, at the rated capacity or on an occurrence of noticeable reduction in flow rate
-Recommended pH range : from 5 to 10
-Recommended hardness of water : below 300ppm
-Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown adequate disinfection before or after the system

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M9 Under Sink

M9 Under Sink

M9 Under Sink